1   Overview

PyLayers is a site-specific radio propagation channel simulator, curently developed at IETR laboratory in Rennes. It aims at providing a very flexible tool to investigate radio propagation channel for education and research in the field of communications and localization. The current work is mostly focused on investigating 5G cellular concepts.

If you find some interest in this tool and decide to start to use it. You are welcome to contribute your feedback, suggestions and even improvements back to the project. The best place to do it first it in the issues page of the project (https://github.com/pylayers/pylayers/issues)

2   Basic Usage

The basic usage is first to build a description of the radio propagation scene. This means :

  1. Describing a propagation environment
  2. Setting a Link in specifying a transmitter and a receiver position with ther antennas type and orientation
  3. Producing channel outputs