Attenuation due to atmospheric gasesΒΆ

This is an implementation of the recommandation [ITU-R P676-10](!!PDF-E.pdf)

The function is implemented in pylayers/antprop/ module

from pylayers.antprop.loss import *

# set the temperature to 15deg Celsius
T = 15
# set the atmospheric pressure
PhPa = 1013
# set the wave vapor density ( g/m^3)
wvden = 7.5
# set distance in meters
d = 1000
fGHz = np.linspace(1,1000,500)
# calculate specific attenuation (wet)
Lw= gaspl(d,fGHz,T,PhPa,wvden)
# calculate specific attenuation (dry)
Ls= gaspl(d,fGHz,T,PhPa,0)
fs = 18
plt.xlabel('Frequency (GHz)',fontsize=fs)
plt.ylabel('Specific Attenuation (dB)',fontsize=fs)

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